Grand Announcement

Dear Players,

Recent events that happened in our server caused massive chaos and anxiety among all of us. We decided to take this drastic measure of temporarily closing the server and resetting all that has been done to it. It was the desperate, but also the right thing to do. 

What happened helped us realize who are our friends and who we can trust and also helped us see the good and the bad in our server. With that in mind, we are now delighted to announce that WE ARE REOPENING Shaiya Unite. The experience we've all gathered and the feedback from our players will ensure that now we will present to you a brand new concept with plenty of improvements and fixes, that we are sure you will love!

Expect an opening date at the very beginning of March and don't hesitate to join our Discord channel to learn about all the latest updates.

We sincerely hope to see all our old players back and we say a warm Welcome to all the new ones that will join us and have a great time with us!

It's time to Unite!


Shaiya Unite Staff Team